Hello and welcome to Brian Schick's latest adventure into the online world: Schick Happens: the website. I started a blog back in January 2005 and thought I would hate it and it turned out to be the opposite. Now I've decided to launch my own web page to expand upon what I started on the blog, as well as create some static content to make things more interesting to all my loyal readers.

Let me walk you through the table of contents.

About Me

As the name suggests, this page provides background about me and some of my interests.

Assignment: America

I have set a life-long goal for myself to visit all 50 states and their capitols. Find out how I am doing on this page.

MI6: Home of James Bond

I'm a huge Bond fan, and I created a site that chronicles the adventures of agent 007, both on film and in print.

Note: These pages use sound effects, so plan accordingly!

Photo Gallery

I've posted a bunch of random photos of my friends online. Most of the ones I've included are from my days at Michigan.


This is a collection of links of my favorite sites. Browse at your own risk!

I don't pretend to be a web expert, so there may be usability issues with different browsers. Rest assured, I'm constantly working to make the site better, as I am a perfectionist and little inconsistencies bug me. So welcome to the ever-growing Schick Happens experience and enjoy your stay!

Feel free to send along suggestions or broken links to schick@schickhappens.net. But please, go easy on me!